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Functional Orthodontics



Dr. Shah is passionate about the incredible benefits achievable through functional orthodontics . . . but what exactly is “functional orthodontics”?

Orthodontics, by definition, is the straightening of irregular teeth. It is important, however, to understand what made them “irregular” in the first place.

Most orthodontic issues can trace their roots to inadequate growth in the upper jaw resulting in the lower jaw’s inability to grow properly. This causes the teeth to crowd; but, more importantly, this misalignment in a growing child also affects posture and head position, and often leads to headaches, upper airway obstruction, head/neck pain, poor facial profiles, and TMJ.

With this in mind, should the goal of orthodontics be just to straighten the teeth or to correct the inadequate growth and function?

Functional orthodontics approaches straightening teeth in a different way. Instead of pulling crowded teeth, the upper jaw is gently widened using a palatal expansion appliance. This helps to make room for the teeth and allows for proper jaw alignment. Braces or Invisalign are then used to position the teeth. The good news is that no matter your age, functional orthodontics can improve the function of your bite and the aesthetics of your smile – without the need for surgery or the extraction of permanent teeth in most cases. You can find out more by scheduling a complimentary consultation with Dr. Shah.


Our method incorporates the best of what the dental field has to offer coupled with the experience of a true professional committed to doing what is best for you or your child.

Dr. Shah offers both removable and fixed expanders to widen the upper arch. The brackets and wires are highly engineered to move your teeth gently, making the process more comfortable. In many cases, clear brackets can be an option as well as treatment with clear aligners known as Invisalign. Once your treatment is complete, we will make a retainer best suited to your particular needs. This method provides a stable foundation for long-term support of your smile and dental health.

Treatment is tailored to each patient’s needs and is not just a set of procedures performed routinely. Dr. Shah sees every patient at every appointment throughout treatment. He is constantly monitoring progress and adjusting the treatment plan accordingly to achieve the best result possible. Our team is always available to keep you informed and answer any questions you may have along the way. The journey to a beautiful smile in our office is a winning combination of professional expertise and personal, friendly service.