Our Team

It takes teamwork and experience to get the kind of results Dr. Shah insists on for his patients. Our clinical and administrative team are highly trained and understand the benefits of functional orthodontics. As knowledgeable and caring professionals, we enjoy the advantages of working in a solo practice because it allows us the opportunity to provide more personalized care and create stronger bonds with our patients and their families.

FRONT OFFICE TEAM: Our front office team is dedicated to providing the exceptional customer service you deserve. From your very first phone call, you will experience a combination of friendly and professional care with emphasis on meeting your needs. Once in the office, you will find an atmosphere that is safe, welcoming, and relaxing to both patients and parents.

CLINICAL TEAM: Our licensed clinical team is always up to date on providing the safest, most professional orthodontic care possible. Dr. Shah is involved in all aspects of his patients' care and enjoys building one-to-one relationships on their journey to a healthy, beautiful smile. Our clinical team's dedication and professionalism combine to create an experience uncommon in today's healthcare offices.