For Adults

Adults can benefit from orthodontics too! It’s never too late to get the smile you’ve always wanted or to address dental issues that may be causing you physical discomfort. “I wish I’d done this sooner!” is the comment Dr. Shah hears most often from adults after completing treatment. But here’s the good news: Most adults treated with our method of functional orthodontics are finished with active treatment in a short period of time. Dr. Shah has successfully treated adults for issues ranging from cosmetic concerns to complicated dental and functional conditions. Even if you are experiencing jaw joint problems like popping, clicking or related symptoms such as headaches, we can often offer non-surgical solutions where no other options were presented. He can also evaluate your bite to insure it is correct before you invest your money in any planned restorative dentistry (i.e. implants, crowns, bridgework, etc.).

Orthodontics can change your life and it's easier than every with options like clear brackets and Invisalign! It’s never too late to look and feel better!

The benefits of orthodontic treatment for adults are many:

  • Improved smile and appearance
  • Increased confidence; no more hiding your smile!
  • Reduced tooth wear from misaligned teeth
  • Improved oral hygiene; much easier to brush and floss aligned teeth
  • Improved periodontal (gum) health
  • Positive impact on bone loss
  • Improvement of TMJ disorders and related symptoms such as headaches